Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Alert care and construction can restore, protect and preserve the life, cleanliness and beauty of your upholstery and fine fabrics. It is recommended that you clean your upholstery often. By keeping your upholstery clean, you protect the value and the integrity of the fibers in the fabric and, in turn, extend the life of your upholstered furniture.

Upholstery manufacturers use a wider variety of materials and fiber types than carpet manufacturers. One cleaning process will not work on all upholstered furniture. Special considerations such as color fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric must be made. The Complete Cleaning Company professionals are experts at selecting the cleaning process that is right for your particular upholstered fabric and soil conditions.

For all upholstery cleaning, our technicians use specially designed products, equipment and methods every step of the way, from initial vacuuming and spot treatment to cleaning, rinsing and water extraction to washing and polishing frames. Alert care and construction return your upholstery to the vibrantly clean condition it was when you first bought it. Note: The process for upholstery cleaning follows a similar ten step process as our carpet cleaning process, however cleaning agents and method of cleaning vary based on type of fabric.

Upholstered furniture can be difficult to maintain. Here are a few tips we would like to leave you with to help you protect the life of your upholstery and keep it looking new: The first tip that is often overlooked is to vacuum the furniture often. Most people never vacuum their furniture. Doing so will remove the abrasive soil that builds up on the surface. Try to vacuum your upholstered furnishings at least once every two weeks.

The next tip is to rotate your cushions. Most couch cushions are reversible, but people seldom take advantage of this. Every two weeks, when you vacuum your furniture, flip the cushions over. This will spread out the wear and make your furniture last much longer.

Another tip, if you have animals, get yourself a rubber dish glove. The dish glove will make it easy to remove hair from the furniture. Simply put it on and rub your hand over the fabric. You will see that the hair bunches up into clumps, making it easy to pick up or vacuum up.

The last tip A Complete Cleaning Company recommends is to close your blinds during the day when you are not home. This will keep out the damaging sun rays. Intense sunlight can cause your furniture to fade. Closing the blinds will protect the bright color of your furnishings.